Privacy Statement

You grant Clarity Intelligence Partner LLC (Clarity) the authority to access Your Subscriber Company’s business data by having installed Clarity Access Software on that Subscriber Company’s computer system to permit Clarity to access and extract the business data at such frequency as needed or desirable by Clarity to support the functions, business metric services, data services or products currently available or planned or implemented by Clarity in the future as well as the ownership and the rights to publish or share combined extracted business data from several Subscriber Companies, but only in a way that would not allow the business name or any individual to be identified.

Clarity will anonymize the extracted Subscriber Company’s business data, aggregate this anonymize the business data with anonymized business data sets from other participating Subscribing Companies in order to provide to You, the MSP, access to appropriate Clarity anonymized business data sets for comparison of the Subscriber Company’s business metrics benchmarks with those of other Clarity-Produced Analytic Business Metric Data for selected regional and similarly situated companies. You, the MSP represents and warranted that it has the authority to and does grants Clarity the right to use the Subscriber Company anonymized data as part of the Clarity’s aggregated anonymized data sets for other comparisons with other participating Subscriber Companies and for other Clarity business purposes and services.